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The Gecko Trail is our triple-day wilderness hiking trail established in 2003. This unique (!) hiking trail is shaped like a Triskelion with Simonskloof in the centre and a combined total length of 46km. The concept allows you to pick any two of the routes, choose where to start, where to end and in which direction you prefer to hike. In short three linear day routes with three stop/start points.

Route A connects the Nuy valley near Worcester, via the Nuy River Gorge with Simonskloof. This is a moderately difficult route with ±14 river crossings and scrambles.
Route B takes you from Simonskloof along the ridge of the Langeberg to Langdam guest farm or Tolbos farm in the Koo valley. It is a more relaxed experience yet starts off with a 500m ascent.
Route C follows route B for the first 2.5km and then descends into Paardekloof before climbing up to Penhill’s ridge and down their trail to the Manor. This route has one of the toughest scrambling and bushwhacking elements along the Gecko Trail.

Each route is a day hike of 5 to 10 hours. Route D a future extension of the trail will connect the Gecko with the famous Arangieskop hiking trail above Robertson. It is still in the planning stage, yet since 2012 route C & D form part of the annual Rim of Africa, a 650km mountain traverse. This connects us with the Hex River Valley and Montagu, a wilderness trekking experience out of the ordinary!

Where do you sleep? The end and starting points of each route offers an array of accommodation options. Those need to be booked independently and well in advance, see details in Fact file below. At Simonskloof we recommend Camping.

Gecko Trail Directions

With your hiking permit you will receive written hiking directions, the latest map and a profile of each route of the Gecko Trail.

Gecko Trail Maps (for location reference only):

Fact File :

Length of routes: Route A (Nuy-Sim): 17 km / 6 – 10 hours                                           Route B (Sim-Lan): 15 km / 5 – 7 hours                                           Route C (Sim-Pen): 14 km / 6 – 9 hours
Difficulty: Route A: Strenuous with some difficult scrambling sections               Route B: Moderate and easy but steep sections
Route C: Difficult with wild & bushwhacking sections
Type of Trail: Wilderness trail marked by rock cairns with occasional scrambling, bushwhacking and wading through “knee-deep” water.
Vegetation: Mountain Fynbos, Succulent Karoo, Renosterbosveld
Game: Rhebok, Leopard, Baboons and … Geckos!
Attractions: Superb views, Wilderness, Rock formation & Rock paintings
Water: Plenty: Springs, clear Streams and a River, except for Route C: Dry!
Highest point: Route A: 885m – Route B: 1460m a.s.l. –  Route C: 1430m a.s.l.
Lowest point: 310m a.s.l.
Best time: March to November, very HOT in Summer!
Direction of hike: Any direction – Please state when making a reservation!
Western End: Nuy Vallei Guest House – Ph: 023 342 1258
33°39.469′ S 19°37.993′ E at 310m a.s.l.
Middle: Simonskloof Mountain Retreat – Ph: 023 614 1895
33°36.953′ S 19°43.649′ E at 770m a.s.l.
Eastern End: Langdam Guest Farm – Ph: 082 610 2450
33°39.947′ S 19°48.469′ E at 970m a.s.l.
Southern End: Penhill Manor – Ph: 023 342 0908
33°40.324′ S 19°40.890′ E at 447m a.s.l.
Map reference: 3319DA NUY or the hiking map & profile with the permit
Accommodation: At Simonskloof we recommend Camping (Tents for rent) or Self-catering cottages (2 nights on weekends and 3 nights on long weekends or subject to availability)
Permits: Ph: 023 614 1895 or click here – NO PETS ALLOWED

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