Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony

sweatlodgeIn 3 month it’s time again, Tim Sikyea will be back at Simonskloof Mountain Retreat for 6 days of Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremonies:
We come together in sacred ceremony to connect with the Creator and Mother Earth. The sweat lodge is a Native American purification ceremony and offers us the opportunity to give thanks for all that we have in our lives and for everything Mother Earth gives to us.
The Sweat Lodge, representing the ‘womb’ of Mother Earth is a place of refuge where our minds, bodies and spirits are healed. The lodge offers a safe place to shed our old skins and come Home to ourselves. We pray that our hearts and minds be opened to receive Great Spirit’s unconditional love.

The dates are:
Friday the 14th – Thursday the 20th of March 2014.

Please also refer to the Facebook group Sweat Lodge Ceremony for latest updates.