THE Butterfly Guide!!!

SABCA_book_front-coverWay back in May 2008 Silvia Mecenero a Lepidopterist for the SABCA (Southern African Butterfly Conservation Assessment) spent some days at here at Simonskloof to collect butterfly data for a nationwide research, it resulted in 6 positive identifications at Simonskloof:

– Vanessa cardui
(Painted lady or Sondagsrokkie)
– Eicochrysops messapus messapus
(Cupreous blue or Koperbloutjie)
– Zizeeria knysna
(African grass blue or Duwweltjie-bloutjie)
– Cacyreus dicksoni
(Dickson’s geranium bronze or Dickson-se-malvabloutjie)
– Stygionympha vigilans
(Western hillside brown or Westelike-rantbruintjie)
– Cassionympha detecta
(Cape brown or Kaapse-bosbruintjie)

Almost 5 years later she’s been the co-editor of “Conservation Assessment of Butterflies of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland: Red List and Atlas” which is now going into a very limited print.

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