Boots and All

Ever wondered where is what at Simonskloof?

Often we’re asked in an e-mail:

  • How far is Faraway cottage from Orange or Eric’s Place?
  • Are the cottages private and have un-interrupted views?
  • Where does the Gecko Trail start?
  • How far is it to the rock pool or to the Jetty of the Farm dam?
  • Where’s the campsite and where does one Abseil or go kloofing?
  • How far is it to Langdam or Nuy Vallei (the other ends/starts of the Gecko Trail)?

So here you go indulge in a couple of GOOGLE-EARTH images from close-up to a perfect overview (2’000 – 25’000m above the earth) to get a good look at Simonskloof Mountain Retreat.

Simonskloof - Setup

If the images still leave you puzzled, here the stats in metres, as the crow flies and by (foot/car):

Eric’s Place to Campsite: 160m (170m/515m)
Eric’s to Orange Cottage: 450m (540m/770m)
Campsite to Orange: 300m (370m/580m)
Orange to Faraway: 180m (250m/550m)

As an indicator it takes roughly 1-2min to walk 100m…

Hence looking at the differences of foot to car, it’s a “no-brainer”, that once you are at Simonskloof, you’ll keep the car keys in your pocket and WALK 🙂 !

Simonskloof's Dayhikes

Which brings me to the next announcement: Autumn/Winter/Spring is HIKING season!!!

Gecko Trail A - B

So, see you soon at Simonskloof  – Boots and All!

Leopards roam Simonskloof

We finally have photographic proof: The Cape Mountain Leopards roam Simonskloof!
Leopard Yesterday, a week after on of the guest took a photo of two Leopard prints down toward Keerom dam, I downloaded the data from the two camera traps set up by the Landmark Foundation. And what a joy: 1 Leopard, 2 Rooikat, several Steenbokkies, 1 Rhebok, a couple of Scrub Hare (still hoping to spot the Riverine Rabbit…) 1 Honey Badger, 3 Spotted Genet, and a couple of dogs and guests either in 4×4’s, MTB’s or on foot, including Kanda and Matata our border collies.Rooikat

Wonderful news indeed to know these cats are still alive and kicking right on the edge of a sheep farming area.

To see more of the pictures taken please visit our Facebook page!