BOUNDLESS Stupidity: Landscape “art” gone wrong…

Boundless tree carvingIn the very first days of 2013, a year of new understanding, a new cycle of the universe, something to really look forward to… we were given a cruel awakening to the state of the art.

One confused individual – a local beach calligraphy artist – while visiting Simonskloof left an ugly and permanent mark on one of our ~50 year old oak trees down at the campsite… The word “BOUNDLESS” so he voiced, signifies Nature and our Environment… Needless to say HE missed the very point of Simonskloof! He might as well have added “Stupidity” or carved PERMANENT or SCAR – yet that would have been too obvious he said… still not realising that he actually hurt the tree down to the sap layer.

Please People… RESPECT nature as she is: Perfect, Pure and Mysterious no need to add your permanent comment. This mindless act of so called art was a slap in our face, of what we do here at Simonskloof: Custodianship of the land, the mountains, the water and all its fauna and flora!

In the words of my brother Martin and his partner Catherine:
“Creativity is not art… an object of creativity only becomes art when
others show interest and appreciation in it. Thus [this person] might be creative,
but that still does not make him an artist.”

No respect for natureWe had lovely additions by guests before, piling rocks into magical shapes, laying out patterns in the grass, rearranging old metal pieces found over time and collected at each cottage, even building furniture out of old planks and stumps. All the photographs taken of the car wrecks, the rock formations, plants and flowers, animals or humans – let’s keep it there, without harming nature in a irreparable way. See some awesome samples here and be inspired.