Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Friday the 26th September – Sunday the 5th of October 2014  it’s time again:

Tim Sikyea will be back at Simonskloof for a 10 day Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony.

Sweat Lodge Flyer Sept 2014

Tim Sikyea was born in March 1951 in Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories, Canada. He is of the Dene Nation and his Indian name is Wanbli Isna-La (Lonely Eagle) given to him by the Lakota people. Tim grew up in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Tim 2 largeTim teaches people to help themselves and to discover joy, happiness and appreciation of all life. His teachings remind us of the sacredness of Mother Earth. Tim is Chief of the Earth Dance — a ceremony for the earth, our Mother. She is our true mother and her love for her people is unconditional.

The Sweat Lodge Ceremony and way of life of the Indian people is about connecting with our Creator and Mother Earth. It is about gratitude and thanksgiving for everything that we have in our lives and for everything Mother Earth gives us to sustain our physical world.
The Sweat Lodge is a place of refuge where our minds, bodies and spirits come to rest. It is a place not only to heal but also to release all negative emotions such as anger, hurt, guilt, resentment etc. in a safe environment. In the Sweat Lodge we pray that our hearts and minds be opened to receive Great Spirit’s unconditional love.
We enter the Lodge which represents the ‘womb’ of Mother Earth and after a period of intense prayer, we leave having shed all unwanted baggage for Mother Earth to take care of.

All that participation in Sweat Lodge Ceremony requires is that you have an open mind and an open heart and no expectations.

It is difficult to answer questions such as “how long does it last” and “how hot does it get” as each sweat is different and we all experience something unique and special.
All Tim will say is “TRUST”.

Make a spiritual investment by participating in this powerful sacred ceremony of purification and healing.

Open your heart and open your mind. Then, everything is possible.

Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Tim Sikyea - photo by courtesy of wuante.comTim Sikyea will be back at Simonskloof Mountain Retreat for seven days of Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremonies.

The dates are:
Wednesday the 11. – Tuesday the 17. of September 2013.

For more info please see SWEATLODGEFLYERSEPT2013flyer and for bookings contact Leela Codron directly at or 079 015 9041.

Please also refer to the Facebook group: “Sweat Lodge Ceremony” for further updates.

Tim Sikyea returns to Simonskloof

I’m happy to announce that Tim Sikyea is returning to Simonskloof Mountain Retreat for the second time, to conduct another sacred sweat lodge ceremony. This time for a whole 10 days, from the 28th of September to the 8th of October 2012.

For more info and bookings please contact Samantha Brauer at or 082 465 0755 (available from September only). Please also refer to her facebook group: “sweat lodge ceremony” for further updates.