Ignathio from Spain working on the Gecko Trail

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, an international organisation – see also www.wwoof.org – of which we are a member. The movement started in England the 70’s as Working Weekends On Organic Farms, giving organic farmer a much-needed helping hand to be competitive with conventional production.

Today WWOOFing focuses more and more on cultural exchange while volunteering on farms with an organic approach to life and production. It’s an exchange of your help for Food & Lodging.

In short, it’s about experiencing and taking part in everyday farm life, to its fullest and NOT just a HOLIDAY on a farm!

Duration is min. 2 weeks up to 6 month, all year-round.

For more info see also WWOOF in South Africa or www.wwoof.net

Simonskloof being more of an Eco-conscious Mountain Retreat than a productive organic farm – for over 35 years there has been no use of chemicals on this farm – here people to get a different outlook on life and valley offers the perfect place to reconnect with their true self.

Interested in WWOOF?

WWOOF activities ranges from hard stuff like fieldwork, building & renovation, hiking trail maintenance, chopping wood, fixing roads, as well as light things as cleaning of guest cottages, helping in the kitchen and gardening etc.
Where possible we all together in a team, however, WWOOFers have to be able to be on their own and be comfortable with the remoteness of the farm. We’ve had the pleasure to host WWOOFers since 1999 and look forward meeting you soon!

Jann, the Gardener from Switzerland, after a day at work in the dirt


Roughly 6 hours per day 5-6 days a week, so there’s time for you to meditate, read, study and explore the farm as well. We all help with the preparation of the meals and eat together.

Am I suited?

Ideal persons are outdoorsy type aged 24+ with hands-on and practical experience would be a bonus. Vegetarians and Vegan can be catered for, please bring your own interesting recipes. WWOOF accommodation is a spacious caravan or safari tent, depending on availability. We take between 1-4 WWOOFers at a time, so far they have come from all over the globe: UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, USA, South Africa, Taiwan and Liechtenstein.

Martin from Stellenbosch, bridging the gap - over our little mountain stream

What do I bring?

Plenty of humor and enthusiasm (!) and standard backpacking gear e.g. backpack (for working on the trails) sleeping bag, hiking boots, some light shoes too, an overall or other tough clothes, sun protection, cool and warm clothing; nights in winter can drop to -5°, summer days can reach +40°. And of course you’ll need a valid visa for South Africa and appropriate travel and health insurance.

WWOOFing is a holiday activity, that will change your look at life!!! Let’s WWOOF :o)

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