After almost one full month of no phone lines and intermittent internet connection we are back… or at least the last two hours the phone did not stop ringing!

Burning Telephone pole

An experience like this makes you realise again how essential proper communication is even at the end of the road driving 12km for an SMS or nearest cellphone signal becomes a drag and the outside world just does not comprehend.

But we did it, lost some bookings, gained some quiet time and even a subzero phone bill, yet drank tonnes more coffee to calm the nerves (?!) and almost got a VOIP phone, would it not have been for a terrible internet connection…

But JA, we’re Back on Line… and have still some openings in the coming weekends 😉

The image above right seems to speak for itself… yet it was cable theft and then some fallen trees, so Telkom tells us… well let’s hope for the best and enjoy the lines 🙂

24.06.2015 – 10:20: It’s like a bad joke, a really bad joke!!! not even 24h and the line is history again and even the fault report function on TelkomSA’s website is out of order?! I think that company should change its name to TELGONE – Back to e-mails again…