(Or venting about audio troubles in paradise…)

brave new world

A rather very odd question you might think… especially when you are inundated/polluted daily with layers of noise.
Then finally on your weekend off, maxing your cards, and blasting your weeks fuel budget you head for the hills to find “paradise” a place so quiet, free from audio disturbances, it’s almost unreal… deafening as they say!
It is what we aim to serve you, in parts by default, as Simonskloof simply lends itself to it and in parts by our dedication and understanding of what we are blessed with.
And so, eventually we’ve become “masters” of our own demise, keeping our own noise level in par with nature (our offering). Making sure the generator is only used when there are no guests around, same with driving past a cottage or as now, keeping building work away from weekends…

But over time it started to back-fire… Especially when guest have chosen our place for this awesome silence as the sole reason and expect nothing less.

So JA… How much silence is still healthy? Where is the middle road of living a “normal” off-grid life at the end of the road and pleasing our guest to make sure they come back over and over… or making sure our volunteers can charge all their gadgets, be it an iPhone as an alarm clock and camera or a tablet to Skype across the big lake… everyone wants a slice of the big pie of life, yet very few are willing to reduce their comfort zone.

…and so one keeps adding to the solar plant, watts and more watts, after all one wants to watch a movie or two beamed against the wall, or blast some 1000 watts of Iron Maiden across the valley to get in sync with the Real Brave New World out there… (When all are gone, that is ;))

Hence, please bear with us even if we don’t deliver silence 24h non-stop – our health and sanity will value it!