Slowly please – dear guests to Simonskloof.Slowly Please

Spring is upon us and with it the young and tiny, almost prehistoric creatures are wandering across the roads – hence looking sometimes just like another rock. The larger ones of the Leopard Tortoises can be heard and sometimes spotted mating all over Simonskloof.

Our oak trees are also out of hibernation providing much loved shade with a new layer of squeaky green leaves perfect to pitch your tent under.

The temperature is hovering between 10 and 20 degrees making for ideal hiking weather, be it exploring our 5 short 1-3h trails or taking the 16.5km & 14.5km Gecko trails under your foot.

For an adventurous kloofing trip give it another month for the Nuy river to warm up some more, while the 60m abseil above the gorge is as ready as ever!

And if the last couple of lines were too on high on the adrenaline scale – bring a book, a bottle of your favorite and lazy out in the hammock or take a soaking in the bush bath which come “standard” at all our cottages.

Seee’ya soon!

Jurgen & Ninon, Mom and a menagerie of sheep dogs, chicken and real stories about REAL honey!