After more than a year of struggling with cable theft, hence loosing our Telkom number to an odd sounding 0230040459 VoIP number, we’ve claimed it back TODAY, and kissed Telkom good bye for good!!! And it is even more funny looking at our last phone bill that shows R125.29 in credit… THEY owe us! So on that happy note, please note our new/old number again:back to 023 614 1895

But should you by accident dial the old/new number, a friendly lady will pick up hoping you’d like to buy a jar or two of her NATURAL honey. That’s my mom, living across the valley who since today has her own phone and connection to the world.

So be it rest full accommodation or healing honey, we’re back on line!

For those of you outside South Africa, just add +27 and leave the first 0 away and just to give you the full info on the number: 023 stands for the Langeberg Municipality area and 614 is the village of Montagu, yet the new law allows you to have your number transferred to any telecommunication provider of your choice. But most of all 1895 is us!