“So, don’t f&#k with me!”What on earth!?, might have been your first reaction, when reading above words… Well, as inappropriate as it might sound at first, it hits the nail straight on the head and in the spirit of 2017 (don’t beat around the bush, say what you mean, mean what you say, get to the point), it is very much Waya’s situation right now.

Our little Waya is heading for that special time of her life, or in Neil Diamond’s words: “Girl you’ll be a woman soon”. Hence, we have to tighten our pet policy, allowing spayed females & neutered K9’s only! If your hound, mutt, canine, dog, mongrel, cur, tyke, doggy, pooch, mong, bitzer, man’s best friend or whatever you call your barking, tail wagging pet, still sports his “family jewels” or if she’s in heat for that matter, they will currently not be allowed at Simonskloof, the latter to make life a bit easier on young Hakan.

The “Dog Free Zone” i.e. no dogs in the cottage bedrooms still stands – for those of you struggling to grasp the reasons why we do not wish to have dogs in the cottage’s bedrooms, it’s very simple: In the last couple of years we equipped our guest cottages with good quality & beautiful linen and down duvets.  Dogs – especially those that sleep or sometimes just jump on the beds are simply damaging the linen and leaving hair behind. This might not be of concern to you at your own home, but having many different guest staying at Simonskloof it does cause a problem, after all, not everyone shares your love or tolerance towards K9’s, some might even have an allergy towards animal hair. Hence we ask you to respect our house rules, they are there for a good reason.

BUT despite all these restrictions, we do still welcome your friendly and well behaved dog. Please make sure you have his/her favorite blanket or traveling dog bed, a leash and collar and food and water bowls packed. Along the road, plan in enough stops for pee-breaks yet keep them under closer control as you never know what he/she might pick up along a harmless looking farm fence. At Simonskloof please keep your pet on a leash when checking in at the reception, as we do have two cats too.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you and your friendly pets at down to earth Simonskloof.